Lagoon Meeting #240


The minutes of last meeting # 240, held on 28th March 2011

WE Meeting

The TMOD was MTM Raham Sithara and she had chosen a very innovative and Inspiring theme for the meeting “WE”

01. The meeting started on time i.e 7.30 PM

02. Sergeant At Arms, TM Mathews P. Mathews, read out the mission statement and called the meeting to order.

03. The presidential address was read out by TM Rakesh Dayal

04. Followed by TMOD message and Introduction of Guests. Sinking with the Theme of the day “WE” a Human Chain was formed and all attendees took oath of oneness and unity, with a vibrant slogan Long Live Lagoon.

05. Word Master TM Nabel introduced the word “Chivalry”. This was followed by a very creative Round Robin session where 2 interesting participants received a surprise gift. All the members present, including Guests took part.

06. Due to technical reasons the Table Topic Session was held earlier than the project speeches. MTM Richa Singh conducted the session. Guest and members took part. TM Loy was voted as the best table topic speaker.

07. The next session was Project Speeches, where we heard 4 speakers giving out their best,

The speakers were:

1. TM Balakrishnan; 2. TM George Jacob; 3. TM Mathew P. Mathew; 4. TM Rakesh Dayal.

08. Voting was held to choose the Best Speaker, all the T/M participated in the voting. TM Balakrishnan delivering his maiden speech was selected as the best speaker.

09. At the Refreshment break everyone enjoyed the delicious Wada / Gulab Jamoon. During the interval all the Toastmaster’s present were requested to sign on a specially designed Canvas.

10. General Evaluator TM Suresh continued the proceedings with the evaluation session Following were the Evaluators: TM Moh’d. Rafi, TM Biswaranjan, TM Krishnakumar and TM Loy. Voting for the best evaluator was held. And TM Loy was selected the best Evaluator of the day.

WE Meeting WE Meeting

11. The other Sailent Role Players were acknowledged and thanked by MTM Sithara

a. Joke Master – TM Chandrasekhar

b. Ah Counter – TM Sagar Tamang

c. Timer – TM Sreejith

12. Finally in the parting message MTM Sithara praised the services rendered by veteran TM M.K. Rajan and honored him by presenting a momento (Canvas, signed by all Lagoonites and guest present)

13. This was followed by the Awards and Closing Cermony by our President TM Rakesh Dayal. The meeting concluded sharp on time i.e 10:00 PM.

  1. Santhosh.kumar
    Santhosh says:

    Great work Ravoof…keep doing. Probably in a year’s time Lagoon will have a great number of followers.

  2. Balakrishnan Nambiar
    Balakrishnan Nambiar says:

    Great work Rauf. The site looks very professional matching with any other established ones and your response for assistance from members is commendable.

    Is it possible to add a visitors’ counter and a world map showing the location of the surfers. We have better establish as much link as possible to project our efforts with Toastmasters.


    Balakrishnan Nambiar

  3. Reghunath Nair
    Reghunath says:

    Amazing Talent Ravoof. Wonderful work.

  4. Thanks Bala and Reghu.

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