Office Bearers – EXCOM


President – TM Mohammed Rashid

  • General supervision and smooth operation of the chapter
  • Ensures fair play and transparency in all club matters
  • Guides the team and ensures maximum goals are met
  • Works towards the Distinguished Club Program
  • Promote the chapter in the area
  • Attend inter-chapter exec. Meetings and share views
  • Submits semi annual report to HQ
  • Attend GTC meetings
  • Ensures that the mission of the club is not diluted in any way

Vice President – Education

  • Plan successful club meetings
  • Liaises with members about their roles and goals
  • Assign role-plays to members ensuring fair play to all members
  • Motivate members to perform to the best of their abilities
  • Ensure progress, however small that maybe, with each member
  • Conduct educational programs with the help of fellow members
  • Ensure evaluation technique is fully understood by members
  • Presides the meeting in the absence of the President

Vice President – Membership

  • Conduct ongoing membership building program
  • Promote the membership goal as set by the chapter
  • Achieve all the three special membership awards from TMI
  • Promote the cause of Toastmasters in liaison with VPPR
  • Submit membership forms to HQ promptly
  • Follow up with members about receipt of their kit from HQ
  • Attend Toastmasters social functions to promote awareness
  • Attend committee meetings

Vice President – Public Relations

  • Promote the club to the local media
  • Produce and circulate the club newsletter
  • Create & Maintain the Club Website
  • Promote membership program in liaison with VP Membership
  • Announce upcoming events and programs
  • Ask for contributions to the club newsletter
  • Promote the cause of Toastmasters in liaison with VP Membership.


  • Maintain membership roster and distribute list with particulars to all members
  • Liaise with Treasurer and President with semi annual report
  • Attend committee meetings, write relevant minutes and distribute
  • Read abridged form of minutes at the next regular meeting
  • Greet members and guests on arrival
  • Advise names of office bearers to HQ immediately after elections
  • Responsible for club correspondence


  • Prepares budget for the coming quarter and ensures adherence to planning
  • Collects due from members, on time
  • Send gentle reminders to defaulters
  • Maintain books of accounts properly and neatly
  • Ensures fellow member/s audit the accounts
  • Assist the President to submit semi-annual dues before the dead line
  • Attend committee meetings and apprise them of related matters
  • Greet members and guests on arrival


  • Arrives at the venue of meeting at least 30 min. prior to commencement
  • Ensures that necessary equipment and supplies are in place (Stopwatch, Timing box, Ballots, Pencils, Certificates, OHP, Mike) Special requests from members are provided
  • Greets members and guests on arrival
  • Badges to members and guests are placed for easy pick-up
  • Starts the meeting on time
  • Attends committee meetings


  • Maintains the club library

Webmaster: TM Ravoof


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