Mentor Program

Mentoring Program is an important aspect of the Toastmasters Program. When a new member joins Lagoon he/she is assigned a mentor, who is usually a senior member of the club. Mentors’ primarily responsibilities are:

  1. Orient new members with the activities of the club and the toastmasters program in general.
  2. Help new members in preparing for their roles, especially Project Speeches. This usually happens by mentees sending the speech text to their mentor, who, after going through the text suggests changes, if there are any. In some occasions, Ideally, the mentee should even rehearse the speech in front of the mentor, before (s)he presents the speech in the club.
  3. Give constructive evaluations after his/her mentees present projects in the club. This is in addition to the formal evaluation done during the meetings.
  4. Follow-up with his/her mentee, if (s)he take long breaks between projects to find out what is causing the long breaks and if required, provide help and support in preparing for projects.

We strongly encourage members to consult their mentors before doing project speeches, at least till they complete Project 6 and encourage members to make use of their mentors even after they complete Project 6. Some of the senior members say that they consult their mentors even for doing projects from Advanced Manuals. At the same time, be aware that, mentoring program is not mandatory. Members don’t compulsorily have to follow their mentor’s advises.

In the very unlikely event of a member being not happy with their mentor or is unable to establish a rapport with their mentors he/she can request the VP(Education) to assign a different mentor, which can be quietly done with out spoiling relations.

Officially, club maintains the list of mentors of those members who haven’t completed Project 6.

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