History of Lagoon

The history of Lagoon Toastmasters Club

2001 – September – Speechcraft Start
18 September 2001 – 20 Engineers from TKMCE, under leadership of J K Nair, Dinesh Purohit & Nancy Fare – supported by C G Ganesh.21 November 2001 – Lagoon formedThe word “Lagoon” has a vital significance in Sharjah from where the Club operates. Little drops make an ocean. A few engineers in UAE have formed a Lagoon which will definitely give rise to an ocean of people exuding confidence, self development, better communication and leadership qualities.
2002 – February – Lagoon Club Charter & 1st Excom
President – B G Nair

VPED – Dinesh Purohit

VPM – Jagdish Nair

VPPR – Abi Lukose

Secretary – Walter

Treasurer – Safeer

S @ Arms – Nujum Navaz

Excom led by B G Nair
2002/03 – July – 2nd Excom
President – Dinesh Purohit

VPED – Mukunda Kumar

VPM -VPPR – Jiju Jalal

Secretary –

Treasurer – Safeer

S @ Arms –

Padmaja Ganesh represented Lagoon in DTAC 2003 held in Dubai.
2003/04 – July – 3rd Excom
President – M K Rajan

VPED – Safeer Azeez

VPM – Mukunda Kumar

VPPR – Pradeep Kumar

Secretary – Mathew

Treasurer – Nujum Navaz

S @ Arms – Jiju Jalal

Presidents Distinguished Club
Achieved 18 out of 20 goals set for the year, became a President’s Distinguished Club, 27 new members joined the Club, conducted two speech crafts & a YLP, sponsored 2 new Clubs & 1 new Gavel Club, received Smedley’s, Talk up Toastmasters and Founder’s Awards, produced 1 ATM, 5 CTMs, 2 CLs, 6 trained Club Officers, conducted 11 Educational sessions in 25 eventful Club meetings, released 4 voluminous issues of BEACON, many leaflets and launched a website.Loy wins the International Speech Contest in DTAC Kuwait, as a member of Dubai Chapter
2004/05 – July – 4th Excom
President – Safeer Azeez

VPED – Mathew Jacob

VPM – Vinod Nair

VPPR – Vipul Talati

Secretary – Rohit

Treasurer – Hareendralal

S @ Arms – Jessie D’souza

Presidents Distinguished Club
Theme – Quest for Excellence

Won the District Best newsletter Award

www.LagoonToastmasters.com launched

MK Rajan & Safeer attended DTAC Jordan

2005/06 – July – 5th Excom
President – Mathew Jacob

VPED – Vinod Nair

VPM – Rajesh Ved

VPPR – Abdul Ravoof

Secretary – Anand Joshi

Treasurer – Jessie D’souza

S @ Arms – Sunil Kumar

Presidents Distinguished Club
Lagoon goes multinational with members from UAE, Iraq and 5-6 other nationalitiesFarooq Mohammed wins the Humorous Speech Contest at DTAC 2006 in Dubai!
2006/07 – July – 6th Excom
President – Vinod Nair / Loy Machedo

VPED – Jessie D’souza



Secretary –

Treasurer – Nishad Rahim

S @ Arms –

Presidents Distinguished Club
Massive membership buildup!Loy wins Table Topics 2nd Place in DTAC Doha!
2007/08 – July – 7th Excom
President – Jessie D’souza

VPED – Mubarak Ahmed

VPM – Dr Balan

VPPR – Saliesh Ghaghda

Secretary – Rakesh Dayal

Treasurer – Pradeep C B

S @ Arms – Smrithi Ajith

Presidents Distinguished Club

Loy wins TT 3rd Place in DTAC Bahrain

2008/09 – July – 8th Excom
President – Suresh E S

VPED – Dr Balan

VPM – Sathya

VPPR – Wisam Safi

Secretary – Mohd Rashid

Treasurer – Santhosh

S @ Arms – Sandhya

Presidents Distinguished Club

Mathew Jacob wins in Humorous Speech and
Loy wins in International Speech Contests in DTAC Abu Dhabi!!!

2009/10 – July – 9th Excom
 President – Rakesh Dayal Lagoon Toastmasters wins the Web Byte Award for the best club website in the District!
2010/11 – July – 10th Excom
President – Chandrashekhar Rao

VPM – Raham Sithara

VPPR – Rodney Araujo

Secretary – Mathew Philip Mathews

Treasurer – Biswaranjan Samal

S @ Arms – George Jacob

Presidents Distinguished Club

Shurooq AlBanna wins in Humorous Speech Contest in DTAC Bahrain!!!

Lagoon Toastmasters wins the Web Byte Award for the best club website and the Connected Social Media Award (CSM) for the best presence of a club in Social Media in District 20!

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    Santhosh says:

    Please update below details.

    9th EXcom…chandra was VPED
    10th EXcom…Praveen N was VPED
    11th ExCom:
    President : Santhosh Kumar R
    VPED : Raham Sithara
    VPM : Mohd. Rashid
    VPPR: Murali
    Secretary : Natraj
    Treasurer : Jagdish Rao
    SAA : Sudhakaran

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