Gavel Club

The Gavel Club program is open to any group of individuals who cannot otherwise qualify to become a Toastmasters club due to age, inability to pay full Toastmasters dues, or circumstances, which would prohibit full participation in Toastmaster activities.

Gavel Club


The purpose of a Gavel Club:

  1. to help its members improve their abilities to communicate effectively
  2. to encourage its members to read and to listen analytically
  3. to provide for its members’ instructions, educational materials and the opportunities which will give them skill and experience in the preparation and delivery of speeches
  4. to provide its members’ a fair and constructive evaluation of their efforts toward self-improvement
  5. to afford leadership training for its members; and
  6. to provide opportunities and encouragement for its members to appear before audiences and to express their thoughts creditably


This Club may classify its members as Active, Associate, Honorary and Inactive members, if it deems such classification advisable.


The admission of this Club to affiliation with Toastmasters International, and the continued affiliation and operation of this Club as a Gavel Club, is subject at all times to the approval of the institution sponsoring this Club. Such institution shall designate an individual to serve as Counselor to this Club; that person shall exercise the rights and powers of a Counselor set forth in this Constitution and shall act as the agent and representative of the sponsoring institution in all matters regarding this Club and Toastmasters International.


To apply for certification, you must send in a Request for Certification, an Officers’ List , and one copy of adopted Constitution and Bylaws accompanied by the certification fee and pro-rated annual fee indicated. Upon issuance of a Certificate of Affiliation to this Club, and so long as this Club remains in good standing with Toastmasters International, this Club is entitled to all the rights and powers, and is subject to all the duties and requirements, of Gavel Clubs as may be stated from time to time in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of Toastmasters International, in this Constitution, and in policies, procedures, manuals, and other materials issued by Toastmasters International.

Regular meetings of this Club shall be held as provided by the Bylaws of this Club. Participants, working from a handbook, select officers who preside over the meetings. The remaining class members are assigned other duties on a rotating basis, so everyone is actively involved.

Generally, meetings follow a format similar to that of a Toastmasters club meeting. There is an announced agenda and participants learn and practice parliamentary procedure during each meeting. Lecturing is minimal, but discussion is held during each session. Participants also deliver short impromptu and prepared speeches. In every meeting, participants learn to apply the principles of listening, thinking and speaking.

TKMCE Gavel Club

The TKMCE Gavel Club is a youth development foundation, a branch of TMI.

It helps the youth to face the problems of public speaking for their future.

TKMCE Gavel Club was formed in 2001.The mission of the club is to provide a supportive forum for children to improve their communication and leadership skills.

A youth leadership program was conducted for the children of TKMCE Alumni Association by Sharjah Toastmasters which was coordinated by Madam Toastmaster Mallika Padmanabhan and Toastmaster Sreehari.The 7 evening program imparted a great effect on the participants and that led the Alumni association to consider forming a club for the children .The first meeting of TKMCE Gavel Club was conducted on 13th September 2001 at the Emirates National School Sharjah. The club holds the annual election of the office bearers cabinet on the second or third week of December.

The TKMCE Gavel Club Meets every alternate Saturdays from 6 pm to 7.30pm at Keerthi Restaurant (Party Hall) , Off Mina Road, Opposite Panasonic building, Rolla, Sharjah, UAE.

Gavel Club, Sharjah – Please contact persons below

Counsellor: Jessie D’souza
Coordinator: Sunita Nair
Age group: It is open for all children from ages 11 -18 years.
Day & Time: Saturdays from 6 pm to 7.30pm
Next meeting date: 8th April 2012

For ages 11 -18 years only

Please do send a mail (below) to make your children a part of Lagoon Toastmasters Gavel program in Sharjah, UAE.

Gavel Club, Dubai – Please contact persons below

Sanjeet Paul. Email –, Elite Gavel Club, Jebel Ali
Anupama Parkar. Email –, Creations Gavel Club, Dubai
Sandeep Adnani. Email –, Ace Gavel Club, Dubai



Sharjah Gavel Club Location Map:



    Dear Sir, Madam,

    I would like to request you to accept my children as part of your club. I heard my colleagues talking about your club and started looking up on the internet. It looks really interesting. If it is not too much trouble, I would like to have more information on the club, specially relating to the cost for each child.

    Following are the details of my children:

    Son, Gavin, 14 years,
    Daughter, Anaida, 12 years
    Son, Ashwin, 9 years

    All are studing in Our Own English High School, Sharjah.

    Thank you
    Jossie Rodrigues

  2. Hi Jossie. It would be great to have your children in our club. I think apart from Ashwin the other two can join. Please do call Jessie 050 6266830 or Sunita 050 4794499 for more details. Thank you.

  3. We held a Gavel club Contest in Kuwait and found sponsor to send the winner to Bahrain, but we were told Bahrain is not hosting Gavel Club this year. Do you know why?

    When we held the annual contest, we made the announcement and we also found sponsor to sponor the Gavelier and the father to travel and attend Gavel Club Contest. It is very dissapoint to know that the Contest is not held. Could you shed some light on this. Regards, Xavier Muthu, Mentor of Gavel Club Kuwait.

  4. Debasish Deb says:

    Dear Sir/ Madame,

    This is a request to admit my son in the Gavel Club.
    My son is studying in DPS Sharjah in class X.
    Appreciate your quick response

    Debasish Deb
    050 2367908

  5. Sherlene Schobert says:

    Having home educated my children all the way, and mostly while living in BC, I can only say I could really have used your resources back then! Sounds like a great project, Janis, and I am sure it will bless many home educators.Blessings,Beth (now in Australia)

    • Hi,the Gavel clubs movement has spread rapidly in the last few years. It is indeed a great place for children to acquire public speaking and leadership skills.Thank you for the appreciation. Happy New Year!

      • Manish Gupta says:

        We live in Dubai Marina and interested to make my son Chaitenya (12 Years) part of Gavel Club nearby to my place. Please advise on my email or call back on 050 3272848

  6. meetu mehta says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I wish to enroll my daughter aged 13 years in Gavals club .I’ll be obliged if you accept my request.
    Meetu Mehta

  7. Archana Patel says:

    Hi. I would like to enroll my son Siddharth, 13 years, in a Gavel Club near Motor City. Do let me know who to contact for the same.


  8. Dear sir/madam
    I wish to enroll my daughter aged 11 years in Gavals club .I’ll be obliged if you accept my request.

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