DTAC 2013 Registration


Welcome to the registration page of DTAC 2013. Registration to this event is a simple process, and the information sought is aimed at enhancing your DTAC 2013 experience.
  1. The Registration steps
  2. Registration fee
  3. Your entitlement
  4. Refund Policy
  5. Cancellation Policy
  6. Transfer of Registration
  7. Contact us


A. The Registration steps
  • Log on to “www.dtac2013.com”.
  • Click the  “Registration” tab
  • Under Registration, click “Online Registration” which will lead you to the online registration form
  • Fill in the required fields as below:
    • Title – select from drop down menu
    • Name – enter your full name as in Passport (first name, last name etc., )
    • Gender – select from drop down menu
      • Are you a TM – select “YES” or “NO
      • If you are a TM – enter the following information:
        • Your status in TM – click the boxes which apply to you (CC, CL etc., )
        • TM membership number – your Toastmasters International membership number.
        • Club Number – select from drop down (in case you do not find your club number, please send an email to “ info@dtac2013.com)
        • Email address – enter your complete email address (example –tmclubmember@anymail.com)
        • Contact number – enter your contact telephone number including international and area code etc.,
      • If you are not a Toastmaster key in only the following:
        • Your full address inclusive of P O Box if any (for mailing purposes)
        • Your email address
        • Toastmasters member reference (provide us his or her name, club and membership number, if you can. Or else, just leave the column blank)
        • Your contact telephone number inclusive of international code etc.,
      • If you are Gavelier, please click “YES”, if not “NO”.
        • If YES – key in the following information:
          • Your name
          • Your club name and your club number
          • Name of the country where your gavel club is located
          • Details of mentor / supporting club, for reference
          • Your full address inclusive of P O Box if any (for mailing purposes)
          • Your email address
          • Your contact telephone number inclusive of international code etc.,
  • Family members registration  – Fill in details of family members accompanying you – whether TM Or not – registration fee should be paid for each member during the payment process.
  • Travel requirements – indicate your requirements so that the support team can revert to you
  • Conference registration – details of registration fee included
  • Payment channel – You can pay your registration fee using any of the below:
    • Bank Transfer – if you click this field, details of receiving bank will display – you may remit the funds and provide us details of remittance in the field required.
    • Credit Card – only valid Visa and MasterCard cards are accepted – please fill in the required fields – card number, name on the card, address for verification with your bank, expiry date (do not provide us the CVV / CVC number in the registration form please) – support team will be calling you to get the secret number and then arrange for debit to your card as this is an offline billing system.
    • Cash – this is further divided into two categories:
      • CDM Payment – You may pay the funds through various Cash Deposit Machines in the UAE to the bank account mentioned in the “bank transfer” section above
      • Cash – You may pay cash to the District Chair.
      • For both, you need to send a copy of the advice along with the details of the registered participants (note that you should fill in the registration form, get the registration number and then provide details) to the District Chair.
  • Additional Questions – Request you to fill up the columns as required in case you wish to support the organizing team of DTAC 2013 – we need your support.
  • Terms and Conditions – You will have to accept the terms and conditions if your registration is to be completed.
  • This is an online application and is not a confirmation of your registration to attendthe Conference.
  • Your registration will be confirmed only after payment is received – on receipt of payment, you will receive a confirmation advice with a registration reference number from the support team within seven days of online registration if it is a Cash payment or Bank Transfer. If it is payment through Credit Card, the support team will send the confirmation within fourteen days of online registration.  You will need to quote this number for any support or assistance you might require in connection with the Conference, as well as for receiving your Conference kit when you arrive at DTAC 2013.
  • A support team member will get in touch with you in case there is any missing information / problem with registration to help / assist in completing the registration formalities.
  • Online registration process has been implemented to prevent people from filling up forms / paper registration and mainly to save paper – Every delegate has to enter details online and receive the registration number once the exercise is completed.
  • Payments can be made together for bulk registrations vide Bank Transfer or Credit Card or Cash / CDM – however details of the registered delegates (registration reference numbers) have to be provided to the Support Committee without fail – otherwise registrations may not be confirmed.
B. Registration fee

Fee structure is as below:

  • Early bird registration – US $150/- (AED 550/-) between 1st November through 25th December 2012 – a discount of US$ 50 on the standard registration fee.
  • Standard registration fee – US $200/- (AED 750/-) – if paid between 1st January through 28th February 2013
  • Late registrations fee – US $225/- (AED 835/-) – if paid between 1st March through the conference date.
  • Gavel Club Members (this fees is applicable all through 1st November 2012 till the first day of the Conference)

o   US $75/- (AED 275/-) if attending only the first day of conference i.e., 9th May

o   US $150/- if attending the three day conference.

C. Your entitlement
As a registered delegate you are entitled to the three day conference, coffee / tea break, lunch plus the gala dinner on the second day (10th May 2013).
Registration fee does not include any other entitlements such as accommodation, travel, visa etc.,
D. Refund Policy
No refunds entertained once registration is confirmed.
E. Cancellation Policy
No cancellations are entertained once registration is confirmed.
F. Transfer of Registration
Confirmed registrations can be transferred to another Toastmaster or Guest but not later than 31st March 2013.
Transfer is only upon confirmation by the approval by the DTAC 2013 Support team and should not be taken as granted.
G. Contact Us
  • For any queries, clarifications, guidelines etc., regarding your registration, or if you experience any problems / inconvenience during the registration process – please contact info@dtac2013.com.
  • For any clarification or details on the payment of the registration fee, please contactfinance@dtac2013.com.
  • If you wish to support DTAC 2013 by helping us with sponsorship, we invite you to contact us onresource@dtac2013.com.
  • If you wish to support DTAC 2013 for Education sessions, or Logistics or for any assistance, you may get in touch with dtacchair@dtac2013.com.

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