Results of the Div J Inter Gavel Club Competition


The Div J Inter Gavel Club Competition held on the 21st of April was a grand one indeed. The event was held in Skyline University College, Sharjah.

The competition was held between 4 clubs which participated, namely: Creations Gavel Club, Dubai, TKMCE Gavel Club, Sharjah, Chattering Monsters Gavel Club, Dubai and the SLP Gavillers, Dubai. These clubs were represented by Toastmasters Avinash D’souza, Jessie D’Souza, CK Jaidev and Tilak Weerakoon respectively.

Four contests namely Evaluation, Humorous, Table Topics and International were held with 8 Gavillers in each contest. The whole contest was held by the gavillers for the gavillers!

The Chief Sergeant at arms was Randanu. The Emcees of the day were Raunak Kapoor and Shweta Tripathi. The did a fabulous job of handling the entire contest. The Evaluation contest chair was Nikhil Vishwanathan, the Humorous contest chair was Osura Dissanayake, the Table Topics chair was Rahul Gupta and the International speech chair was Victoria Pereira.

The contest chairs did a fantastic job of conducting the contests just or even better than their older Toastmasters. Good show guys.

The contestants gave their best and performed well. We could just see how well they prepared and how seriously they took the competition. They were also smartly dressed. Even though only 3 winners were chosen for each event, it was clear that in all our hearts, each and every contestant was a Champion. Many had broken hearts, but willing took the advice of the adult Toastmasters and regained composure and am sure will do better the next time. It is not only about winning but  what experiences you take back with you that matters.

We also had a Key Note speen by fellow Toastmaster Sujith Sukumaran. The inspirational and adorable person most of us look up to. He gave us a memorable speech. Thank you Sujith.

Finally, last but not the least, the organisers of the event and DTM Balaji Nagabhusan (Div J Gov) who revived the Gavel competition and has promised that we will have the Gavel competition in the DTAC next year in Dubai. Thank you TM Balaji for all that you are doing and have done for the division. You are a true leader.

Results of the contest below.

Evaluation Contest:
Winner – Tania Gurdasani (Creations Gavel Club)
First Runner up – Rose Roy (TKMCE Gavel Club)
Second Runner up – Sanchit Ram Arvind (Chattering Monsters Gavel Club)

Humorous Speech Contest:
Winner – Pranav Shankar Subramani (Chattering Monsters Gavel Club)
First Runner up – Harshini (SLP Gaveliers)
Second Runner up – Anshul Raghuram (Chattering Monsters Gavel Club)

Table Topics Contest:
Winner – Simran Gurdasani (Creations Gavel Club)
First Runner up – Antara Jaidev (Chattering Monsters Gavel Club)
Second Runner up – Y.Sri Vishnu (TKMCE Gavel Club)

International Speech Contest:
Winner – Parantap Tripathi (Creations Gavel Club)
First Runner up – Gautham Lakshmi Narayanan (Chattering Monsters Gavel Club)
Second Runner up – Tania Gurdasani (Creations Gavel Club)

Messages from;

TM Jessie D’Souza (TKMCE Gavel Club, Sharjah)

Dear Children,

The long awaited contest is now over and all those who participated in the contests have certainly become better than what they were before. Those who came 1st 2nd and 3rd are slightly a cut above the rest, while the rest are still in the race and some day it will be their game to claim the glory.
Our children gave their best and two from our club emerged as runners up and for the others, it is not the end but the beginning of their challenge because all the winners are pretty seniors compared to our contestants. So there is time to mature and become more confident and next year we are going to have the DTAC (District Toastmasters Annual Conference) in Dubai and this Division Contest is further extended to District Level.

Our thanks to the main role players – Raunak as emcee, Rahul and Victoria as Contest Chairs – you made us proud. Other volunteers Kanisha, Deepika, Avinash, Prashasti – thanks for your leadership spirit.

Public Speaking is a knack you cultivate only by speaking to the public so children, grab every opportunity that you get at the club level and master the art of speaking and when you finally shine as a Public Speaker, only the fruits are visible and not the rough routes.

Jessie & Sunita.


DTM Balaji Nagabhushan (Div J Governor)

The Gavel contest hosted by Division J was rolicking. Contestants were confident, committeed, enthusiastic and of course nervous. Topics and speeches were scintillating – can’t explain all of them here. Audience filled the hall – no space – was what I had to tell people who came in late.

Thank you to all the Toastmasters, Gaveliers, Parents and members of the audience – the contest was actually For the Gaveliers, Of the Gaveliers and By the Gaveliers. This was truly their contest because right from the MC, Contest Chair,Timer, Tally Counter, Sgt At Arms – every role except the judging was done by them in immaculate fashion. In fact, I have a comment as a very senior TM – if I were to learn how to conduct a contest as Contest Chair, yesterday was the day – the children were perfect, great language skills and the strictness in the tone!! Wow.

While every Gavelier who participated in the contest was a winner, the judges had to vote for the following. Congratulations to the super performers.

Photographs will be posted in a day or two. Great show.

Gavillers! You Guys Rocked!

Photos courtesy Murali Panchapakesan

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