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The world wide web has upstaged traditional media as a go-to source. The search capability of internet is a unique enabler. It is not surprising that 75 percent of the new members come through searches in the internet looking for self improvement. Courses in public speaking or presentation skills programmes are popular searches. A particular event calls for presentation skills -such as a conference or wedding. Or maybe it is just a new year’s resolution to fulfill. Toastmasters is just what they are looking for. This powerful mode of communication and influence has to be further leveraged by us.

Platinum Web Byte Award

Excellent club websites, with a good click winning potential are recognized and rewarded by District 79 annually.

The awards acknowledge the investment of time and effort, the dedication and creativity that goes into the building and maintenance of clubs’ websites. District 79 regards the benefits of good websites do not stop merely with the present and potential members of the clubs; they extend the vision of Toastmasters International to the entire world.

A club website has two main purposes:

  • to attract new members,
  • and to keep current members informed.

Creating a Web page for your club can be challenging and the activity promises fun and camaraderie among members.

The Result – a powerful source of information to your club’s members and prospective members.

Here comes your chance to stand head and shoulders above the competing clubs and win the recognition you deserve. Apart from the kudos, you will earn valuable independent feedback on your development efforts.

Entry Deadline – To be eligible, all entries must be received by the District 79 PRO no later than 15 April 2011 by email at

Eligibility Criteria

Name of Award Platinum Web Byte Award
Purpose To honor and recognize the webmaster of a club who produces a website that is both informative, educational and tells the story of the club and its members
Number of Awards Number of awards will be depending on the number of nominations but limiting to maximum of Three Awards
Minimum 7 or more Nominations to choose three awards
Minimum 5 or more Nominations to Choose Two awards
Minimum 3 or more Nominations to Choose One award
Less than three nominations no award will be announced for the year.
Year of Inception 2010
Details of Award A certificate of achievement to display proudly.
A ribbon to display proudly on your club banner
Registered in D79 Hall of Fame
Time Period Covered The contest will run from the starting of Toastmasters year – July 1st until April of next year. (01 July 2010 to 15 April 2011)
Presented to Webmaster of a Toastmasters Club in District 79 whose website is adjudged the best. He/ she must be a Toastmaster of good standing.
Exclusions The award is a single award and should not be shared between two or more recipients. (i.e. no ties).
Webmaster who is not a member in good standing of an active Toastmasters Club
Award Presentation Annually at the District Toastmasters Annual Conference (DTAC)
Criteria Criteria set out in the rules and regulations
Who may nominate All Toastmasters clubs of good standing in the District may nominate their websites for inclusion in this contest
How to nominate To enter the Best Website Award contest, the club Vice President Public Relations officer should complete & send the Website competition form to
When to nominate To be eligible, all entries must be received by the District 79 PRO no later than 15 April 2011 by email at
Selection of the Best Website A panel of judges selected and chaired by the District PRO will evaluate all entries and will select the best 3 Websites as the winners
A panel of at least three judges will evaluate all the websites concerned.
The Sites will be judged against the criteria specified
The judges will individually access the websites on a random basis, in order to form their opinion of the website
The decision of the judges is FINAL.
Presented by The District Governor and the District PR Officer


All club websites are judged on the following criteria:

1. Content

The Website must include the following content:

  • Does the website mention name of the Club, Area, Division & District?
  • Is content focused on achieving the Toastmaster’s mission?
  • Does the website promote understanding of Toastmasters’ programs, promotions and policies?
  • Does the website have location, dates and time of meetings, whether it is corporate or community club?
  • Does the website contain educational articles, recognition of member and club/district achievement, and encouragement to participate in Toastmasters’ activities?
  • Is the website informative and entertaining?
  • Does the website have educational information and upcoming event contacts & up-to-date calendar of events?

2. Design, graphs, pictures, audio, video

  • The Formatting should aid the reader in locating information
  • Layout and Presentation – Is it aesthetically appealing to the eye?
  • Does the website’s appearance stimulate reader interest?
  • Does the layout indicate careful attention to white space, page balance, effective use of graphics, guide the reader’s eye, enhancing the presentation of ideas and information, e.g. photos of events, speakers at meetings, contests, columnists & award winners and the importance and organization of the articles?
  • The Website could include photos that indicate the Club’s purpose, show executives, and show Club activities such as contests. However, when using photographs keep the size to 20Kb or less. Audio and video files if included should enhance the experience of visitors to the site as long as performance is not affected.

3. Functionality:

  • Do all the links connect properly?
  • Is the information updated and continuously changed?
  • Is the site easy to maneuver around?
  • Is the Toastmasters logo with trademark text required by TI placed properly?
  • Date last updated.
  • External links must go to Websites about communications and leadership, and other Toastmasters Websites, including District 79 Website and Toastmasters International Website.

Download Platinum Web Byte application form – D79 Platinum Web Byte Award 2010-11 form

  1. Congrats Ravoof,

    Well done and thank you for keeping the Lagoon flag flying all over the web. We are proud of you for the dedication you have shown and maintained the web site.

    Prabakaran Rao, ACB, CL

  2. Thank you Prahakaran. It really means a lot to me. Thanks for all your support. Please keep supporting and contributing always.

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