Lagoon wins Humorous and International Speech Contests in Area 30, Div J


Div J, Area 30 Contest

It was a fantastic outing for Lagoon Toastmasters this Friday. Indeed it was a Good Friday! We had fantastic speakers in all 4 categories; International, Humorous, Evaluation and Table Topics. All participants did their best and did justice. We expected to bring home all 4 trophies, but unfortunately we missed out on 2.

Lagoon won the Humorous and International Speech Contests this evening. Shurooq AlBanna won the Humorous Speech Contest and Natraj won the International Speech Contest. It was a very good competition with other participants performing their best, but these two came out winners.

Natraj & Shurooq

International Speech winner Natraj & Humorous Speech winner Shurooq

The Evaluation Speech Contest 1st runner up was our beloved Sunita Nair.

The winner of the Evaluation and Table Topics Speech contest was Gangadhar Krishna from City of Gold Toastmasters. The runner up trophies were won by Skyline University College Toastmasters.

Congratulations all winners and wishing them the very best in the next levels!

Lagoon Champions

Sunita Nair, Natraj and Shurooq

Loy Machedo was fantastic in all aspects, but it is a mystery as to why he did not win any award. He delivered his best. Jessie was confused as to why she was given such a useless Table Topic! How dare they give such a topic! You two did your best (i dont know about Jessie!). Better luck next time!

There were a lot of toastmasters who put in their efforts to make this event a success. DTM Nagabhushan Balaji, CL Revathy Venkatratnam, CL Jayesh Ved and many more graced the occasion. Area Governors also attended including our very own Rakesh Dayal. Rafi and Sitara did a fabulous job and got everything arranged from top to bottom. They remembered they had forgotten to eat only when the contests were over. We should all appreciate their dedication and effort they put. You guys are amazing. Our President Chandrashekar was the silent helper and mentor.

The MC of the day, Reghunath, was at his best. He did a fantabulous job. Kudos to him.

In all it was a great evening with a lot of surprises, fun, entertainment, food, education and happiness!

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  1. sekhar
    Chandrasekhar says:

    Congratulations Shurooq and Natraj. You have kept Lagoon hopes and my hopes High. Well done. Wish you all the best for Div Contest.

    Sunita, well done.

    The best part is played by judges. They ensured Loy’s name does not figure in the winners list. A real mystery.

  2. Sajid Koroth
    Sajid Koroth says:

    Kudos to winners!!!
    Folks, It was expected, yet.. you have met our expectation and made us all proud. Indeed you are best performers. You have inspired us with determination, perseverance and commitment. All the very best in your future journey

  3. Anil Kumar says:

    Congrats Winners, Lagoon President and Excom.

  4. Santhosh.kumar
    Santhosh says:

    Congratulations to all winners…keep doing it in Division too.

  5. Reghunath Nair
    Reghunath says:

    Since from their P1, Shurooq and Nattu announced that they can pose a chellenge to any one. Skills, Dedication and hard work proved it again.We all should learn a lesson from them.

  6. Wow! Congratulations!
    Nattu,Shurooq, Sunita, You keep the Lagoon flag High.

    All the very best in the Div. Contest.

  7. Many congratulations to all the winners… wish you many more success in future… keep going

  8. This is my take:

    When I was her evaluator, I told her this. There are very few people whom I have met whom I truly believe can lift the World Championship of Public Speaking. I never conferred that hope on anyone. Shurooq was the one person whom I believed had what it took to reach that pinnacle.

    Class apart. From total obscurity to victory – what an inspirational story. He not only smashed through the ranks of some of the most senior and seasoned toastmasters, he came across as the overall winner. The sky is the limit for him.

    Jessie D’Souza
    This is a woman who has the never-say-die attitude. She would just never give up. And today she proved that no matter win or lose, she had the heart of a Champion. Her greatest achievement – she loves what she does and she does it with passion.

    Sunita Nair
    If there is a success story we can talk about – it would be about Sunita Nair. Imagine – She came in as a the last minute entry only to beat seasoned speakers!!! I would sum it up in the words of the EMCEE (Toastmaster Reghunath) She Came, She Saw and She Conquered.

  9. The Invisible Champions

    While there is great pleasure and glory in recognizing the winners, let us remember the people from our club who were the hidden heroes.

    Area Governor Rakesh Dayal
    Imagine – A Toastmaster who once upon a time could only take up roles like Timer & Ah Counter, on Friday, 6th April 2012, took on the toughest challenge of organizing and setting the stage for a not-so-easy Area Contest – and man-oh-man he achieved it with Aplomb!
    He maintained his signature style – The Cool, The Calm, The Composed Communicator style throughout the session and he ensured completion of his role as Area Governor with total class and finesse.
    If we have to thank one person for doing a great job and making it happen – it would be Rakesh Dayal and his family.

    There is always a saying – The EMCEE sets the pace for entire show. A man with the energy of 10,000 men, with enthusiasm that could run a country and an extra-ordinary ability to move from one part of the evening to another – Reghunath made the show happen. Right from the get-go until the end, he kept the audience entertained and invovled. A brilliant testament to being a Stage Manager, EMCEE and Show Anchor.

    Mohammed Rafi & Raham Sitara
    Could there be a more contributing, sacrificing and loving couple on this planet? They sacrificed their time, their money, their effort in bringing together everything they had just to ensure that this contest would go well. I mean look at it – Each and every employee of Mohammed Rafi’s company came to contribute their bit just to ensure our contest went well. We are indeed lucky to have such an amazing and blessed couple who truly epitomize love for us all. It is a rare blessing and the blessing for us comes in the form of these two selfless angels.

    Wafa Nakhi
    Sometimes saying less is more. Wafa is in my eyes is one Local Arab Woman who will one day reach the highest levels of Leadership this country has to offer. She is not only a dedicated and selfless toastmaster, I would say she is one of the finest, most talented, most gifted and yes, the most humble person I have ever come across. She executed her role with such dedication – she was worthy of our respect.

    How in the world does a man manage his family, a broken shoulder, a new job assignment that challenges him to drive 800 kilometers every day up and down, manage a club of mad people, answer emails that comes in tons and at the same time execute a great performance as a Contest Chair?
    I honestly do not know.
    Oh, and did I forget to mention – He mentored 2 of our members into becoming 1st Place Champions?
    I personally feel he should write a book and help us know the secrets.
    For whatever it was worth – he gave us his best.

    MK. Rajan
    I will not say much about him other than this. He is the most important person in our Division. He is the foundation, the pillar and the legs on which Lagoon Toastmasters is standing so proudly. He came only to contribute and he did exactly that. Enough Said.

  10. Hi,
    It is a special and happy day for all lagoon members.. Come on… celebrate it…

  11. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraleedharan Punnamanna says:

    Well done Shurooq, Natraj and Sunita……… Keep it up.

  12. Wow it’s been over a week now but the joy is still within me.

    Thank you everyone for your kinds words and wishes.

    Here’s to hoping I continue to make everyone proud.


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