Lagoon ‘Funnyly’ wins the Humorous Division J, Dist 20 Championship!


Yes,Lagoon Toastmasters ‘Funnyly’ wins the Humorous Division J, Dist 20 Championship after 3 years. It is the 3rd time Lagoon is being represented in the District for Humorous Speech. Way back in 2006 a local Emirati, Farooq Mohammed, showed us he was the funniest by winning in DTAC held in Dubai. Then in 2009 it was the turn of our ever smiling and loving guy Mathew Jacob in DTAC Abu Dhabi.

It’s ‘Deja Vu’ once  again for Lagoon who will be witnessing yet another Emirati local who will be representing us at DTAC Bahrain in 2012. This time it will be the Most Eligible Bachelorette and Lagoon’s vibrant Toastmaster Shurooq AlBanna!

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Shurooq AlBanna gave a masterpiece in the Division J contests. She had the audience in splits. Her humour was excellent and connected well with the audience. She was the clear winner from the start. Everyone loved her humour and we at Lagoon are really proud of her. She beat the likes of Gurpeet Singh, Nagarajan, Manish Shastri and Sudhir Menon. Lagoon wishes her the very best in her DTAC Bahrain competition. We are certain that this years DTAC Humorous Champion will be none other than our Shurooq! Go Girl!

We also had and still have a very promising Champ in Natraj our dear ‘Nattu’. His determination and his ‘Go for Broke’ attitude has taken him to the Division in one of the toughest competitions. The International Speeches are the most difficult to deliver because of the tremendous pressure it exerts on the contestants. His first year in Toastmaster and he has reached the Division level in International Speech! That itself will speak volumes in the effort he has put. He was awesome on stage. He made us at Lagoon very proud. You are a champ and winner to all of us at Lagoon. Gloves off to you! Natraj came in a close 3rd in the competition.

Congratulations to Shurooq and Natraj. You guys rocked!

The Division J event as a whole was excellent. Balaji Nagabhushan the Div J Governor made this event a huge success. Hats off to this wonderful man! Most of were wondering why he was not in his usual suit. On closer inspection, he had a horrible accident in which his whole right arm was blistered! A week back while in the kitchen cooking, yes he even cooks!, HOT oil burst from the pan and onto his arm and face. He survived blindness due to the fact he was wearing spectacles! The burns were horrible. Despite this, he managed to pull off one of the best events without any problems. A true leader. No complains whatsoever! Thank you Balaji for your dedication.

Our Area 30 Governor, Rakesh Dayal was a huge support to all of us. The Area governors of Div J have really worked hard to make Div J one of the best Divisions in the region. There were also so many other people who helped make this a grand success. Thank you all.

Lagoon this year had an amazing President in Chandrashekar Rao. He pushed the members to participate and helped them to reach their goals. His hard work paid and now has a member representing us in DTAC Bahrain! Well done Pres! The Lagoon members were also very supportive. Congratulations to all.

The winners of each category will represent Div J in DTAC Bahrain. Lagoon wishes the winners the very best and PLEASE bring back the winners trophy!

The winners of the competition are below.

Evaluation Speech Winners

WINNER – Nelson Menezes
2. Arnel Capili
3. Mohamed Javeed Khan

Humorous Speech Winners

WINNER – Shurooq Al Banna
2. Gurpeet Singh
3. Sudhir Menon

Table Topics Speech Winners

WINNER – Prasad Shetty
2. Hemlatha Thawani
3. Priya Ramachandran

International Speech Winners

WINNER – Priya Ramachandran
2. Rekha Suresh Babu
3. Nataraj T

Photos of the conference. Courtesy Ravoof , ReghunathSantosh Kumar for some wonderful photos.
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  1. Muraleedharan Punnamanna
    Muraleedharan Punnamanna says:

    Shurooq and Natraj,

    I am sorry i missed the great event. Congratulation to both of you. Well done and keep it up.

  2. Balakrishnan Nambiar says:

    First of all I congratulate our great TM Ravoof for sharing his excitement of Lagoon winning through this site. He is a great cheer leader indeed.

    Mr. Natraj was not at his best, his energy level was little bit low, that is why he was pushed to the third position. Considering his status as a new member, his achievement is par excellent. I am sure a time will come, he will win in district level and beyond.

    MTM Shurooq was at her best comparing her previous attempts even though the speech was not clearly audible to the gallery people.(it doesn’t affect because what is counted is audibility to the judges who were very near to the stage). If she can be little more lively at the district level, I see no other contestant can surpass her, unless ofcourse, she goes there with her newly wed husband.(then the punchlines at the end of her speech collapse). (Shurooq, can you postpone your marriage until after district level contest?)

    I heard someone at the stage (a lady) mentioning Loy Machedo name as previous DTAC champion. By the by, why did he prefer his absence there? Come on Loy, we expect you everywhere.

    • Santhosh.kumar
      Santhosh says:

      In a way it is good that Nattu didn’t qualify. This year we have two contestants at DTAC BAH and they both must be bringing the cup to Lagoon…so next year we need another two or probably three to do the same at DXB.

      Congratulations to Shurook. I am trying my best to be in BAH to support both Dr. and Shurooq. I hope this time they award two first place trophy for Humorous contest.

      All the best to Lagoon.

  3. Dear President,

    Congratulations to Lagoon for having achieved 7 out of 10 DCP goals and being crowned Select Distinguished Club status. We wish that Lagoon soon achieves the President’s Distinguished status soon once more. Keep it going.

    Congratulations also to Shurooq Al Banna and Nataraj for having made your club proud yesterday. Wish that Lagoon lifts the Humorous Contest Championship award this year at DTAC. If this happens, then it will be quite some time since UAE Toastmasters won the first prize – the last I remember is the likes of Lakhi Sawlani and most of the times the award has been going to Saudi Arabia. TM Meeran who has won the First Runner Up twice now. Good luck.


    DTM Nagabhushan Balaji
    Division Governor
    Division J, District 20

  4. Dear Chandra, Balaji,

    Farooq Mohammed from Lagoon was crowned champion of Humorous speech category at the 2006 DTAC in Dubai. Hope history repeats itself this year as well.

    Wishing all the beat to Shurooq.

    Best Regards,
    Safeer Azeez
    A Lagoonite at heart…

  5. Lagoon members comments

    Dear lagoonites,

    It was a proud moment for lagoon when Shurooq and Natraj were announced as the winners in Div contest. Shurooq mesmerised the audience with her hilarious speech. There were at least five interruptions from the audience as they applauded for almost all punch lines. Shurooq was at her best and no wonder she won the first prize and will be travelling to Bahrain to bring back the trophy from there as well. While Shurooq won by a very clear margin ( according to me), it was a diff story altogether in the international speech. Judges admitted they had a very tough time in deciding the winners and Natraj succeeded in getting his name in the winners list. Natraj was the 2 runner up in a tightly fought contest.

    Congratulations Shurooq and Natraj. You made all of us proud!



    Thanks Rashid.

    Shurooq, Congratulations…

    Natraj…congratulations….keep up the good work and let us make it several notch better next year.



    Dear Nataraj & Sharooq,

    I totally agree with Rashid.

    Prabhakar Krishnaswamy.


    Hi All….

    Congrates….MTM Shurooq and TM Natraj.

    It is party time for Lagoonites…
    let us all celebrate it during our next meeting.



  6. George Jacob
    George Jacob says:

    Congrats Shurooq and Nattu for this achievement!

    Thumps up.

  7. Rakesh Dayal
    Rakesh Dayal says:

    Hello Shurooq and Natraj,

    Shurooq – we are proud of you as after a long time we will have someone from our club who will represent us at DTAC. I will be there to cheer you up and I am sure we will come back with DTAC Trophy…All the Best.

    Natraj – being new to toastmasters, and reaching Division Level and being placed as runner up itself is a big achievement. Please keep up the fire you have within and I am sure next time you will go to DTAC and qualify for the finals in USA. All the best..

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