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Since January 2009, a total of 110 new corporate clubs were started in various organizations. Of the 110, 83 clubs were started within an organization that had not previously contained a corporate Toastmasters club. Even in the midst of the recession, companies around the world are seeing the value of Toastmasters training and continuing to sponsor new in-house Toastmasters clubs. Several new club leaders say their clubs were formed in order to improve employee morale and implement new cost-effective training programs. What makes the Toastmasters program so worth implementing into your company’s training and development plan? The affordable and comfortable learning format delivers prompt results that are vital to organizational improvement. During this time of economic struggle, layoffs and cutbacks, companies are looking for economically practical ways in which to improve employee morale and sustain their employee training and development programs. Whether you are an employee or a manager, Toastmasters is the answer.

As an employee, you will:

  • Overcome your fear of public speaking.
  • Gain self-confidence.
  • Learn to conduct meetings.
  • Learn to deliver effective presentations.
  • Experience unlimited personal growth.
  • Build relationships with co-workers and management.

Many employees are used to leading seminars, meetings and giving presentations; some are not. Either way, with the current instability in the workforce, it can never hurt to brush up on your leadership and communication skills to stay a notch above the rest.

Toastmasters’ self-paced program provides employees with repeated opportunities to conduct meetings and fill various meeting roles. With ongoing practice in interactive small-group meetings, Toastmasters’ supportive and positive environment offers the perfect place to cultivate the attributes of a true leader. Employees will learn to think quickly and critically, listen better and give constructive feedback.

As a manager, implementing a Toastmasters club in the workplace will:

  • Require a minimal investment.
  • Reinforce positive communication and leadership skills among employees.
  • Result in a cost-effective training program.

With the minimal investment made in the Toastmasters program, the results will be huge! Offering employees a forum to hone their skills is bound to improve low employee morale. When employees feel better about their work environment, they are more likely to exhibit increased productivity and enhanced performance. For the organization, this means clearer employee-customer communication, which results in improved employee and customer retention. Employees will work better together in teams and provide positive mentoring to one another. Company meetings will be run more effectively and strong leaders will emerge as a result. And for your company, this means a positive return on your minimal investment.

Don’t let the opportunity to improve your organization pass you by. Get more information about starting a Toastmasters club in your company today!

Be sure to check out our corporate sponsors to see a partial list of companies that currently have corporate Toastmasters clubs onsite, or check in monthly to see which organizations started a new club.

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