Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year

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Every club has one. You see them at every meeting – the extraordinary member whose enthusiasm is so contagious it rubs off on everyone at the meeting; the industrious volunteer who is eager to perform any and all meeting assignments; the exceptional individual making uncommon efforts to recognize, encourage and nurture fellow Toastmasters.

Of course every member exhibits these traits some of the time, but how can club leaders choose only one? To make the job easier, Toastmasters International has a set of guidelines to follow.

There is a form that contains a suggested point system the club can use in selecting its Outstanding Toastmaster or Toastmaster of the Year. This award recognizes one member whose educational accomplishments, club service, dedication and enthusiasm are exceptional. One form should be used for each candidate.

All club members should be eligible. Special certificates and plaques from World Headquarters will be given to the Outstanding Toastmaster or Toastmaster of the Year.

There are 2 parts Part A & Part B

Part A is designed to recognize the “human” factors that contribute significantly to club spirit and success. Each candidate is rated in three separate areas, according to the scale of 1 – 3.

1. Enthusiasm – Reflects the enthusiasm for fellow members, for the club and for Toastmasters

2. Dedication – Member readily and enthusiastically accepts all assignments and willingly contribute to the club’s well-being

3. Helping Others – The member evaluates others with the purpose of recognizing achievement, fostering continued improvement and building self-esteem

Part B assigns points based on the activities and achievements like Attendance, Club Officer Service, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Educational Awards, Manual Speeches, Meeting Awards, Contests, Coordinated, Conducted Educational Programs, Outside Speeches, Sponsored New Members, Mentor for New Member, Participated in Inter-Club Visit, Written and Verbal Evals for CL projects and High Performance Leadership.

At the end of the year the points are tallied and the one with the highest number of points is adjudged the Outstanding Toastmaster or Toastmaster of the Year.

So go ahead and become the Outstanding Toastmaster of the year!

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  1. Santhosh.kumar
    Santhosh says:

    We have several good candidates for this in Lagoon. Let the President announce this in our next meeting.

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